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Keep The Light Green With Trouble-Free Gate Operators From Automat-Ed.

Our technicians will keep the light green with expert installation, service, and repairs so that entry is reliable and traffic keeps flowing in and out.

Swing Gate Operators


Automatic swing gate openers offer a number of benefits. Swing gates operators can open a gate inward or outward depending on the the particular property. Gates open from mounted hinges and can be programmed to open swing gates at different speeds.


Slide Gate Operators

Automatic slide gate openers move a rolling wheel to slide the gate back and forth on a track. They are a popular choice for gates that are heavy or have a long span. They can be programed to your desired settings, such as opening and closing speeds, safety features, and access controls.


Barrier Arm Gate Operators

Barrier Arm Gate Operators are generally used in commercial and industrial applications such as controlling access to parking lots, housing complexes, and public facilities. Operators can open barriers in different ways like automatically or with a card reader. Automat-Ed installs and services reliable arm gate openers that last for years to come and fit a wide range of applications.

Gate Operator Installation & Service
Gate Operator Installation & Service

At Automat-Ed, we not only assist you in choosing the right gate operator for your residential or commercial property, but we also ensure professional installation, repair and service. If you are in a high traffic area and your gates are used more than the average property, we can further assist you with preventive maintenance services. Call us today to discuss these gate operating services.

We Repair Or Replace All Types Of Gate Openers And Parts

  • Warning Devices

  • Call Boxes

  • Safety Devices

  • Access Controls

  • Keypads

  • Remotes

Reasons That Your Gate Operators May Not Be Working Properly

  • Rusty Hinges

  • Worn Rollers

  • Frayed Belts

  • Stretched Chains

  • Outdated Circuit Boards

  • Damaged Sensores

Gate Opener Preventive Maintenance

If we know what condition the parts are in, we can change them before they break and affect other components which could cost you more. Make an appointment with us to come out and Inspect your gate operators today, because you never know what can happen tomorrow.

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